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The Jolly Jumbuk Country Craft Centre
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Dreamy "wool-rich" pillows worth resting your head on...zzz

PillowProtector_NEW_product pack[1].jpgAt The Jolly Jumbuk we have the perfect solution for your old favourite pillows. Use a MiniJumbuk Pillow Protector and give a new lease of life to one that's getting a bit tired. Or make a soft foam or latex pillow a lot more "naturally" comfortable to use.
Often referred to as a pillow enhancer for a very obvious reason - that is exactly what it does, and it does it very well! Our price $59.00 CHOOSE NOW.

PURE WOOL FILLING *Wool provides an even sleeping temperature
*Natural Filling "breathes"
*Patterned Stitching prevents filling from shifting or moving around
*Ideal to cover foam or latex pillows for extra comfort
COTTON SATEEN CASING *100% Natural Cotton cover
*"Breathes" naturally while you sleep
Ultra-Fresh® Filling Filling has been treated with Ultra-Fresh® for lasting freshness and effective control against dust mites
EASY CARE Can be machine-washed and tumble-dried
SIZES To fit a standard size pillow of 45x70cm dimensions
OUTSTANDING QUALITY Guaranteed for 2 years
CARE & CLEANING *Air & shake out regularly to maintain loft between washes.
*Warm (40°C) machine-wash on wool cycle
*Do not bleach
*Normal Spin
*Dry naturally or may be tumble-dried on low setting.
*May be drycleaned - air well afterwards
*Excess heat and agitation will damage this natural wool product and should be avoided during the cleaning process.

ULTIMATE_ProfileStack[1].jpgWhat MiniJumbuk says about their ULTIMATE Pillow..."The Ultimate pillow as a fine sateen cotton casing that lets your skin breathe for a healthier and more comfortable nights sleep. On the quilted side is an all natural layer of wash&LOFT wool, that allows your skin to breathe while you sleep and provides cushioning comfort.The secret of its long lasting loft and softness, is our wool-rich filling, a blend of 60% wash&LOFT wool and 40% spiral man-made fibres, combined together to gently support your head and neck. Available in two profiles to suit all sleepers: Low/Medium and Medium/High" (both shown in the picture)
Our prices of $79.00 and $89.00 respectively.

> Combines the benefits of wool with extra loft
> Stays soft and springy
> One side is 200gsm quilted wool layer
COTTON JAPARA CASING > Cool, clean and light
> Can be used with light coloured covers
WARRANTY > 2 Year Guarantee
> Suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.
EASY CARE > Can be hand washed
CONSTRUCTION CASING: 100% cotton casing
INNER FILLING: 60% wool / 40% polyester
CARE & CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS > Warm machine wash (40°C) on wool cycle
> Do not bleach
> Normal spin
> Dry naturally or tumble dry on low setting
> Do not dry clean
> DO NOT REMOVE FILLING TO CLEAN (zip is for manufacturing purposes only)

MJ Pillow Quilt Underlay crop.jpg

What MiniJumbuksays about the BALANCE Pillow...the Balance Pillow is "our most luxurious pillow with a latex centere surrounded by an all natural wool layer and cotton casing. A luxurious pure wool quilted comfort casing provides maximum breathability and is combined with an all natural latex core for support and comfort. The Balance Pillow provides the perfect balance between support and comfort. This pillow is available in two profiles: Low/Medium and Medium/High. Our Price $159.00

FILLING > Latex core
COTTON SATEEN CASING > Casing filled with Australian wool
> Cool, clean and light
> Can be used with light coloured covers
ULTRA-FRESH FILLING > Lasting freshness
> Effective control against dust mites
EASY CARE > COVER ONLY can be machine-washed
> Remove latex core before washing cover.
> Latex core may be sponged clean
CARE & CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS > Warm (40°C) machine wash COVER ONLY on wool cycle
> Do not bleach
> Normal spin
> Dry naturally or tumble dry on low setting
> DO NOT ATTEMPT to dry clean or machine wash the latex core. Do not tumble dry the core or expose it to sunlight for long periods.
GUARANTEE Guaranteed for 2 years when cared for according to manufacturer's specifications.