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Medical Care Sheepskin Rug

Medical Care Sheepskin Rug

The "JUMBO UGG MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN RUG" consists of between 4000 to 6000 wool fibres per square centimetre.
The CSIRO* in partnership with industry experts has developed new technologies and standards which enable the production of long life, high performance, Australian Medical Sheepskins.
The unique nature of these dense Australian Medical Sheepskin Rugs provides outstanding support and relieves pressure for the user.
Collectively this mass of individually aligned fibres reduces the pressure by distributing the weight of the user.
In fact, CSIRO studies reveal a pressure reduction of more than 50% when lying on an Australian Medical Sheepskin compared to a mattress.
Approx length 105cm
(Lengths are given as a guide as this is a natural product)

The Jumbo Ugg MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN RUG is 100% Australian made from 100% natural Australian Merino Sheepskin.
All sheepskins are the by-product of farming processes, sourced sustainably and produced ecologically at the Roman Tannery in Melbourne, Australia.
Each sheepskin will have slight variations as this a natural product.
Now only available in GREEN, not available in Ivory as pictured.

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Medical Care Sheepskin Rug 100% Merino Sheepskin short wool rug
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